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Flowers seasons in YangMingShan(including 2019 festivals’ information)

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Yangmingshan National Park is located in northern Taipei City, taking about 1 hr to arrive. It’s a wonderful place to appreciate all kinds of natural views. Thus, It’s not only a popular tourist attraction but also a great place for local people to walk around in the weekend. Moreover, flowers in different seasons in Yangmingshan make it have different colors!This article will guide you different flowers season with different flowers to appreciate, helping you not miss the right time anymore!

Cherry blossoms( from the end of Jan. to the beginning of Mar.) @ everywhere in Yangmingshan

Blooming flowers welcome the spring, YangMingShan flower festival attracts lots of people every year. The cherry blossoms in YangMingShan are even within the top ranks in Taiwan. Don’t hesitate! Come and release yourself from the daily works!

*You should pay attention on the traffic control during the festival and weekends*

1.Yangmingshan Flower Clock, Yangming Park, YangMing Fountain:  

The most popular attractions for appreciating flowers in Yangmingshan, you could see plenty of tourists gathering here during the flower festival. It’s easily accessible by common transportation so it would be the top 1 for the beginner

(Image Resource: flickr MiNe cc)

2.Lane 42, Pingjing Street:

A popular attration in Instagram, lots of people are in a small lane at the same time, however, the beautifil view would make you forget all the crowds and enjoy in your own time.

3.福音園(Wesley Grove The Methodist)、櫻花林(Cherry Blossoms Forest) :

If you don’t like the crowds, it would be a good choice for you to go here, which is also located in Yangmingshan but not that popular.

2019 YangMingShan flower festival : 15/02/2019-17/03

Calla lily( from the end of Mar. to the end of May), Hyrdangea( from May to June)@ Zhuzihu Lake

(Image Resource: flickr Ares Hsu cc)

A field of Calla lily leads you entering into summer. After that, colorful hyrdangea accompany your whole summer. The popularity of the festival of Calla lily and Hyrdangea could be compared with the YangMingShan flower festival. Furthermore, you could even enter into the garden and pick up the flowers depending on different gardens.

*You should pay attention on the traffic control during the festival and weekends*

Zhuzihu Lake is a large region in YangMingShan, you could follow these two suggested routes to visit:

1.頂湖賞花環狀步道(Ding lake trail)

財福海芋田(Fortune  Calla Lily     garden)-Calla lily & Hyrdangea

Consumer information: 100 NT dollars for entering

minyangpu (Calla lily & Hyrdangea)

Consumer information: 100 NT dollars for entering, 100 NT dollars for parking

2.竹子湖步道(Zhuzihu Lake trail)

花與樹園藝(Flower & Tree Garden) - Calla lily & Hyrdangea

Consumer information: 100 NT dollars for entering

小瀑布海芋園(Small Waterfall  Garden)     -   Calla lily

Consumer information: 50 NT dollars for entering with 5 Calla lily, 30 NT dollars for purely appreciating.


Besides these gardens, there’re also others popular tourist attractions for Hyrdangea

高家繡球花田(kao.Hydrangea) - Hydrangea

Consumer information: 100 NT dollars for entering

大梯田花卉生態農園(Terraced field Hydrangea Garden) - Hydrangea

Consumer information: 100 NT dollars for entering

2019 festival of Calla lily

2019 festival of Hydrangea: unknown

Miscanthus(from the middle of Sep. to the middle of Oct.)@Lengshuikeng, Xiaoyoukeng and Qingtiangang

Entering in the autume, YangMingShan is coverd with miscanthus. YangMingShan, with high altitude and low temperature, is a perfect place to appreciate miscanthus. The white color and brown color are the symbol of autume. You could not only appreciate miscanthus but also exercise in the mountain. What are you waiting for?

1.Mt. Qixing Trail:

 Its main peak is 1,120 metres and is the highest mountain in Taipei City. You could start hiking either from Lengshuikeng or from Xiaoyoukeng. If you choose to start from Lengshuikeng, you could also visit some popular attractions like Milk lake and Menghuan Pond.

2.魚路古道(Fish  Road  Trail) :

You could start hiking from Qingtiangang. It takes about 1.5 hrs to finish.

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